Friday, October 23, 2015

full story# of the boy shot dead at imsu front gate yesterday#

A boy, aged 24 and name Ozioma Chukwuemeka from the department of Accountancy Imsu, assumed to be a cultist, Axeman precisely...
rumours have it he was just given a new post for his commitment to the cult group. The guy is popular around the front gate deck of the Blackaxe men confraternity. Emeka was shot on the back-head around 5pm yesterday. He died at the spot. The killers numbering of four men, arounded him on getting out of a restaurant around his hostel "golden gate". The cause of his death is still unknown. His corpse was taken by the police after his brother came and identified him. Rumours had it that the guy earlier slapped someone in the morning. Some one also told me that the guy had some misunderstanding with a rival cult group in Nekede. I will keep you updated if the real cause of his death is uncovered. Although, being a cultist is enough

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