Saturday, October 24, 2015

irrestible? why men look at women,s backside!

It can be enough to make our blood boil as we react irrationally momentarily believing that they are aroused with desire for someone other than us.

What do men get from checking other women out?
Are they having sexual thoughts?
Would they rather be with the other woman?
Are they unhappy in their relationship?
Many crazy thoughts can attack our minds and before we even have time to process our thoughts we’re fueled with anger and can’t think straight to rationalize what’s really going on.
The truth is.
Men will look.
All of them.
Some will do it much more often than others.
Some will stare much longer than others.
And some will just take a sneaky peek when they think no one will notice.

The reason for this is that all women are works of art, in fact all men are too.
We are each a unique, individual and interesting being and because we are all entirely different, often our eyes will be drawn to explore the image further.
We are all stimulated visually and chemicals are released to the brain when we see an image that we find attractive. This can cause looking at other people to become an easily forged habit or addiction.
It doesn’t help that everywhere we look, magazines, television shows and on the Internet, there are women that have either been airbrushed, surgically enhanced or that have make-up and hair professionals on hand to touch up every flaw.
A lot of these alterations have taken place purely to attract the attention of the male species. Aside from blindfolding all men, we are never going to escape the fact that men will look.
We also mustn’t be so hypocritical to deny that we look also. It is impossible not to.
There are quite often double-standards taking place, we somehow find it acceptable to openly discuss celebrities, models, musicians and others who we deem to be out of reach, however, we find it entirely unacceptable to recognize that it is no different admiring someone from near or from far.
Just because we look it does not mean we want to leave our partners and set off to track down someone else, purely based on an image.
From the beginning of time, men have been conditioned to sow their seeds as far and as wide as possible in order to have the greater chance of passing on his genes. Due to this, for years, the male of the human species were programmed to constantly look around to evaluate all possible options.
Women, however, were more precious of who they chose to copulate with, wanting the best genes possible for her offspring and also wanting the male to stay around to share the upbringing. Women, were more guarded and possessive wanting to keep the male around to protect them and provide for their future children.
Obviously, times have changed, however, the intense programming will also take time to change. Most men are aware of this unconscious tug and so, will find it easier to align this behavior with what society demands, and what their partner expects of them.
Although men may consciously chose not to look, most men will find it difficult not to—they will find it a perfectly natural act and not fully understand what the harm is. Especially if they are in a fully committed and respectful relationship and have no intention whatsoever of every cheating or straying from their partner.
Despite this, there is a firm line between casually looking and openly staring at other women.
If a guy is disrespectfully viewing other women as objects of desire and they pay no attention to the pain he is causing to their partner, it could be a huge relationship red flag. A quick glance in the direction of another woman, however, can be perfectly natural and something that almost every heterosexual man will do from time to time.
Staring at and even ogling other women can be objectifying and even insulting to the woman who is being stared at. I’m sure most of us have had that moment when we’ve caught someone else’s guy giving us eye contact from across the room. Most of us will think what an fool he is and how fortunate he is that his woman hasn’t noticed.

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